from the desk of the coo – mar 2020

One point I want to stress and remind everyone of: DFT – this team of people – is making a huge difference by keeping our industry working right now. Many of you have heard me say “this is a coal miner’s town” – meaning that most people and businesses in some way serve one industry, which is media and entertainment (M&E). If shows go dark, we all come to a halt. DFT has been here before, we’ve raised our hands to help at many, many points in our 20+ year history. We are wholeheartedly doing it again.

We are working non-stop to offer solutions to a huge influx of clients turning to us for remote options, solving for the security and infrastructure challenges that come with spreading out post teams (editors, AEs, producers, etc.)  to their homes. Please send them all the encouragements / support for expending an incredible amount of brain trust in this critical moment.

We’re collaborating with many partners in our community and other industries who have solved pain points for security, latency, his-res images, real time collaboration and so much more – but we get to be the ones bringing these innovations forward and building on top of those platforms to solve for M&E’s specific needs. It is a humbling moment to be a part of and to watch take shape.  

Studios like Amazon, Hulu, CBS, Warner Bros and other post facilities as well as individual shows are reaching out to us to help keep them working. Editorial is the immediate influx of business. The next influx will be for post finishing services, which we are incredibly well prepared for and have done time and again. Those workflows literally sit atop DFT’s home page: Remote Post & Remote Color. Next we’ll see Cinecode’s offerings become all the more relevant as producers, directors, writers, costumers, etc. continue to work and define their eventual shoots. Thomas’ HDR Express workflows are more timely than ever – with so many shows and movies not available for streaming because of their file formats, we can again step in to help.

This is truly quite a time to be in our industry. M&E serves the world. Art in times of panic and crisis is what brings calm and connectivity. We are story tellers first and foremost, but we’ve built our business – and this team – on the back of technology, progressive thinking and universal solutions that empower creatives. We have never been afraid of a challenge and are well poised to meet this one together.

We have immediate solutions for many and are hand to the plow in solving for longer term needs, but we’re also surgically focused on getting this right. This is a change that our industry will see and feel well beyond this current climate.

Thank you for all you do and the many ways in which you’re supporting us and one another.

with gratitude,
nancy jundi, coo
digitalfilm tree