Thomas Galyon

Senior Colorist & CTO

Born as the last son of a dying planet, his parents sent him to earth in hopes of having a better life. When he was a teenager he found an obsession with photography and science that lead to a pursuit of all things pertaining to film and TV. Including, live production, and tape editing for local access in the OC.   After a few years of honing his technical skills and working on his own indie projects, he heard the call to DigitalFilm Tree. Starting out as a Dailies Technician, he quickly started helping out in all departments and working as an Online Editor, Colorist, and Engineer. His DFT broadcast TV credits include: Unreal, Angie Tribeca, The 100, Cougar Town, Agent X to name a few. He has grown to become a legend at DigitalFilm Tree.  They say, at night you can hear him roaming the halls, humming a familiar tune….

“If there is a problem, Yo I’ll solve it…”