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From FCP 7 to Resolve 15 a presentation by Ramy Katrib at LACPUG

Our CEO Ramy Katrib explains the history of FCP 7 to Resolve 15 at the LACPUG user group Resolve night. Part 1 featured here click…

Unreal Script to Finish

Discover how one page of a script is shot on camera, taken through the whole post process and then becomes one minute of TV. Featuring…

DFT LACPUG Presentation – Resolve Dailies to Delivery

Recorded live at the August 2018 LACPUG Meet: Members of our post team took us through an entire Post-Production workflow using DaVinci Resolve 15. From…

The Cloud and Post-Production at NAB 2018

Our CEO Ramy Katrib sits in on a panel at NAB and discusses cloud based post -production.

Going Beyond Borders – Post Magazine August 2018

In an article published in Post Magazine’s August 2018 issue: Our Technical Operations Manager and Online Editor Thomas Galyon talks about our workflow on the…

Press Release
Post House DigitalFilm Tree Moves Facility to DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio

Originally published by Blackmagic Design  Fremont, CA – August 14, 2018 – Blackmagic Design announced today that post production facility DigitalFilm Tree (DFT) has moved its…

Post Services Virtually Everywhere- Shoot Pov article

Originally published in Shoot Magazine August-September 2018 issue link here. With the cost of Internet coming down and the availability of robust Internet service providers (ISPs)…

Behind The Title with Rick Dalby – Published by Post Perspective

NAME: Rick Dalby COMPANY: DigitalFilm Tree CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOUR COMPANY? I would describe DigitalFilm Tree (DFT) as a smaller, bleeding-edge, independently-owned post house that is capable of…

DP John Simmon’s discuses Roseanne and working with DFT

Cinematographer John Simmons, ASC, shares his thoughts on lighting sitcoms in today’s digital world, and discusses working with DigitalFilm Tree on the unique approach to…