1931 checklist for White Castle employees

  1. Cap should cover hair.
  2. Keep hair trimmed.
  3. Be ready to make suggestions.
  4. Have clean shave.
  5. Be prepared to speak pleasantly.
  6. Brush teeth.
  7. Correct bad breath.
  8. Get rid of chewing gum.
  9. Wear clean collar.
  10. Be sure tie is not frayed or dirty.
  11. Wear clean shirt.
  12. Button all shirt buttons.
  13. No body odor.
  14. Fold shirt sleeves neatly.
  15. Fasten apron neatly.
  16. Have shirt neatly tucked in trousers.
  17. No patches in trousers seat.
  18. No wrist watch.
  19. No flashy jewelry.
  20. Wash hands.
  21. Clean fingernails.
  22. Wear clean trousers.
  23. Turn up trousers if too long.
  24. Wear comfortable shoes.

Source: Philip Langdon via paleofthefuture.com

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