Wave Glider: A wave-powered marine robot

Video shows Andy Burcham, Senior Director of Programs at Liquid Robotics swims with a Wave Glider off the coast of Hawaii.

California-based Liquid Robotics has created Wave Glider, an unmanned marine research robot that is powered by the motion of the waves and solar energy.

The Wave Glider consists of two parts (shown above) a float and a tethered underwater glider. Waves move the float up and down and the vertical motion is converted to forward motion by fins on the glider. The float has solar panels which power equipment for marine research. The Wave Glider can move at up to two knots and can function for about a year without human intervention. To date, Wave Gliders have logged well over 100,000 miles of operations.

Source: LaughingSquid, TheDaily, Liquid Robotics

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