Spurned fruit flies turn to alcohol

Fruit fly. Image used under Flickr CCLi. Photo by Flickr user bareego

Fellow men, if you have ever drowned your sorrows in alcohol after being spurned by the members of the opposite sex, don’t feel bad: You are not alone!

In a study posted in the journal Science (“Sexually Rejected Flies Turn to Booze”),┬áresearchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have determined that male fruit flies who were spurned or rejected by females of their species, turned to alcohol-laced food 70 percent of the times, as opposed to their sexually sated peers who went for the booze 50 percent of the times.

According to the NYTimes:

The researchers conducted several additional experiments to rule out other explanations. The flies were apparently using the alcohol as a way to compensate for their frustrated desire.

See more at the NYTimes website here.

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