Study: Dish color affects serving size

Studies in the past have proven that people tend to eat more when using larger plate. For this reason dietitians and health experts often recommend using smaller plates when eating meals.

However, until now no one seems to have paid attention to the color of the plates. Of course, it seems bizarre that the color of the plates may have an affect on how much people eat, but turns out there is some truth to it.

In a study done by Cornell eating behavior expert Brian Wansink, the researchers have concluded that the color of your dish indeed has a connection with how much you eat.

Wansink’s study concludes that┬ápeople with plates that matched the color of their food helped themselves to much more than those who had plates of another color.

This study presents a fascinating view into how you can possibly reduce the size of your portions; use smaller plates and make sure the color of the plates contrasts strongly with the color of the food you are eating.

You can find the original study here.

Source: ScientificAmerican.

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