Is Acer ripping off Apple?

Top, Acer’s presentation of their AcerCloud Service at CES. Source:theverge

Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs presenting iCloud. Source:theverge

It has become commonplace now for major computer and electronics companies like HP and Samsung to blatantly ripoff Apple’s designs. But Acer just took the cake; it even ripped off the Apple’s presentation style and look.

This just proves a point I have made repeatedly; 90% of the companies in the computer and electronics business have not the slightest vision, foresight or design sense. All they can do is copy and imitate, and even that they don’t do well; look at the horrendous serif font and the font size Acer is using. Their lack of finesse and good design shows even when they are doing their utmost to steal good ideas.

Source: theverge.

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