“The Art of Pixar”- Artwork from all Pixar films to date

The Art of Pixar contains artwork and colorscripts for all Pixar films.

A colorscript is an overview of the colors and tones for an entire film. It reveals the relationships of colors throughout the key dramatic moments of the film. (Hence, colorscripts contain spoilers!)

The Art of Pixar, The Complete Color Scripts and Select Art from 25 Years of Animation,  a book by Amid Amidi, contains not only the colorscripts, but also numerous visual development drawings, artwork and concepts from almost every Pixar film to date.

To give you an idea of what a colorscipt looks like, click on the image of the colorscript below for Pixar’s Up done by Lou Romano.

Colorscript for Pixar’s Up by Lou Romano. © Pixar/Disney

My biggest gripe usually with books such as this is that they contain too many long-winded “essays” and not enough pictures of what I want to see. However, this post about the book on Pixar’s blog gave me hope:

A distinctive feature of The Art of Pixar is that it is very light on text. Excluding short captions, only nine of its 320 pages contain writing. But the text that is there (by Amid Amidi and John Lasseter) is appropriately rich in knowledge of the subject.

Buy the book at Amazon for $31.50.

Story source laughingsquid and pixarblog.

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