Taste test: Is Mexican Coke better?








You have all heard this; Mexican Coke uses real sugar (as opposed to high-fructose corm syrup used in American Coke) and comes in glass bottles, unlike the aluminum cans of the American Coke, which give Coke a “metallic” taste. Hence, the belief goes, Mexican Coke tastes much better than American Coke.

My theory about this has been that this is mostly in the mind. Mexican Coke tastes better because we want it to taste better.

J. Kenji Lopez of seriouseats.com  decided to take this topic on and do an extensive taste test to see if people can indeed tell the difference. He was quite careful about designing the double-blind taste test.

Here are his conclusions, and I quote:

  • “People prefer American Coke to Mexican Coke from a pure flavor and aroma standpoint.”
  • “People prefer glass bottles to aluminum cans from a purely tactile standpoint.”

In other words when people were given both Mexican and American Coke in generic plastic cups and asked to rate the flavor, the overwhelming majority picked the American version. But when they were given glass bottles versus aluminum cans, they always preferred the Coke that was in the bottles, regardless of whether it was Mexican or American.

Hence, people seem to prefer Mexican Coke’s flavor because they want it to taste better.

Read the full detailed story here.

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